Tom Spiker launched Undercarriage Recording in May of 2005 after a 2 year renovation of a carriage house in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, Pa.  Since then, it has become a favorite creative hub for all types of musicians and producers from various parts of the world.  

Having experienced years working in slow-moving, high-overhead recording studios as a musician throughout the 90s and early 00s, Spiker always saw the benefit to the simple one-room shop.  With all of the toys within reach, sounds come together quickly with less running around and most of the musicians don’t have to leave their stations for playback.  That said, there’s plenty of isolation when needed, with a 7’ x 9’ booth, a small vestibule that can hold a vocalist or single instrumentalist, and an adjacent garage for amps and whatever else (trashy echo chamber??).  

While the recording gear is based around your standard Pro Tools “keep it simple-stupid” type of setup, Spiker leans heavily on the instruments, amplifiers, effects and production techniques for flavor (not to mention, performance, arranging and composition).  And this is not in any way meant to downplay the gear.  Between the tube gear, ribbon mics, outboard, and vintage instruments, there should be enough to satisfy the tone freaks.

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